Friday, 30 July 2010

Requirements Capturing Tools and Online Applications

There are lots of Requirements Gathering/Capturing Tools and many many discussions on the right one. LinkedIn Group Discussion

But the main tools of a Business Analyst still remain... a Word Processor and a Spreadsheet (normally MS Word and Excel, but could be any other suite, i.e. OpenOffice)

However, is there online alternatives?

As discussed on For What Activities Can We Use a Web Based Project Management System? by Mena Alex there are online alternatives to Project Management tools, but what about for BA's?

Well, Google has Google Docs which has online Word Processor and Spreadsheet so there is a good start!

Adriana Beal suggested Wiki's as a good requirements gathering tool for multiple user collaberation. (Using a wiki to improve the requirements management process)

There is also Gliffy an online Visio alternative.

So can a BA work exclusively online?
Is there one suite of online applications that can be used or would it need to be a mix and match of sites?
Can the different applications work together?

Maybe I will look into this later.

Bye for now!

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