Tuesday, 3 August 2010

BA to Developer Ratio

"Currently, many organizations have BA to developer ratios like one to six, but that ratio is rapidly increasing. With the sophistication of developer tools and the speed at which code components can be assembled, the ratio will swing toward more BAs. It takes more time to perform thorough analysis and clearly understand a business problem (and design a solution) than it does to build software. In the next couple of decades, the ratio may be much more like two to one or even three to one BAs to developers." - Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis

The ratio of BAs to Developers, mentioned in the Seven Steps, is evident in my current employment. Software Engineers are being given the role of Technical Analysts on major projects. Their role is to take the Business Requirements defined by BAs (both client and provider BAs in a one to one relationship) for an individual workstream and write a Software Requirements Specification.

Each TA (and workstream) is assigned a number of external (outsourced) resources, roughly around 4 or 5. These external resources use the bespoke framework system to develop a solution to the specification set out by the TAs.

Therefore, the Software Engineers are being deployed more and more in an Analyst role.

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  1. From your post looks like youbare ignoring the external resources as developers. Which is skewed. The ratio still remains 2:5.
    And I am curios what kind of design is the BA involved in are you talking about the UI design?