Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Skills Matrix

As part of our leason learnt process following UAT cycle 1, we identified a need for a method of assigning defects and queries to those with specific skills.  To this end, I found the following free Skill Matrix webpages based on the Toyota Lean (Kaisen) Skills Matrix. 

Original Skills Matrix
Improved Version

This was just what we needed, however, we did identify the following elements missing from it:

  • Inability to filter on skills
  • Inability to produce MI reporting
  • Potential problems from a User Interaction point of view
With this in mind we amended the Skills Matrix to allow these issues to be resolved.

Filtered and Reportable Version

To edit the spreadsheet you will need to 'Unprotect' the sheets, please remember to 'Protect' them again as this makes the User Interaction better and is used for the MI to be enabled.  (The Calculations tab uses the Unprotected Cells to display the values to be used in MI)

MI and Reporting is not yet completed, but you will be able to easily extract the information from this page. 

Feel free to use and amend as you require... but it would be nice if you shared your improvement with myself and he original site.



  1. I find this concept very interesting and straight forward. Believe it could help to better arrange team resources. Thanks for sharing David