Saturday, 22 January 2011

T Minus One Month

With just under a month until I make the move into my new role of Multinational Business, I have regained my focus on the new role.

The past few weeks have been focussed on the transition and completion of a number of tasks and project phases, including a product demostration to the client at their London offices.  Spending the week in London allowed me the time for further reading BA related publications.

It was also good timing, as my new boss was in London - from the states - the same week.  This gave us the opportunity to meet up for dinner and get to know each other a little better and discuss the new role.

I have been back onto the ModernAnalyst website to look at software reviews etc, but I stumbled across the Salary Information page.  Unfortunately, it was all US based, but since I have already found a resource for BA Demand in Glasgow I have revisited the site to see the current trends and salary information.

Roll on mid Februray for my new role starting

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