Sunday, 23 January 2011

How to become a Business Analyst

I have just finished reading a great article on the ComputerWorld UK website, regarding the type of people who become BAs, the skills required, and possible future roles: How to become a Business Analyst

There are a few quotes that I have found encouraging:
"Given the pivotal nature of the role, it’s no surprise that the successful business analyst can enjoy a stellar career, and earn on a par with the project manager."
"The new prominence of the role accounts for the growing ‘professionalisation’ of the business analyst - but there’s still something of a knack to being good at this job: “I’ve seen newcomers who are naturals and senior people who struggle,” says Kevin Brennan, of the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA)."
 However, some of the more interesting quotes are around the prior roles and experience of those who become Business Analysts:
"Most people become a business analyst with very little training and so the right mindset and capabilities are all the more important."
"Understanding the language of the business users is more important for success, than any database code language"
"Increasingly, graduates are going straight into this role, primed by a business analysis degree or general business studies degree. " - "There’s no substitute to acquiring on-the-ground experience"
I would recommend anyone looking to move into the realm of Business Analysis, or those new to it to read this article.

Now I am away to find out more about the BCS’ Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB) - Business Analysis / Change courses and the related book Business Analysis 2nd Edition could be my next purchase

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