Friday, 23 December 2011

Not very good at maintaining this am I?

Been a while since I posted here... oops!

Maybe I just haven't had anything to say.
Maybe I have just been tooooooo busy.
Maybe I only have confidential information.

Either way, it's almost the end of the year so let's sum up:

Two Thousand and Eleven (2011) was the year I stepped out of my comforting IT Development environment and into the unknown.  Ok, so it wasn't so unknown it was the same company, BUT, it was in a different arena (International Payroll), I had a new boss, my new boss was located some 4,000miles away in the States along with the development team (original development team).

Even though I was a Business Analyst within the Development department previously, I seen this move as a chance to focus on being a Business Analyst and not be drawn back into development duties. 

Well that didn't work!

Changes in priorities meant the development was now going to be run out of the UK... by my old team!  So, I was drawn back into development somewhat, with the Proof of Concept work.

Then came changes to the structure, resulting in my reporting line changing and priorities changing.

In all of that I have had a productive year, but I look forward to a more focussed year ahead, in terms of the project, my personal development and learning.

All in a days (well years) work for a Business Analyst.

Roll on 2012.

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